Panopto Lecture Capture Panopto FAQ'sHow can I view Panopto recordings in Blackboard?

How can I view Panopto recordings in Blackboard?

If you have linked to your CourseCast folder from your Blackboard course, you'll have the following options to view recordings:

  1. You can click on the recording link and view it on your computer. You will need to install Microsoft Silverlight, if it is not on your computer already.

   2.You will also see a feed icon with two links marked "Podcast" and "RSS." These links allow you to subscribe to the course feed in different ways.


Clicking on the Podcast (Audio or Video) link will open your favorite podcast software, or ask you to pick the application you wish to use (e.g. iTunes). Once your application is selected, the podcast will be automatically added to your subscriptions moving forward.


Clicking on the RSS link will take you to a screen that allows you to subscribe to the content using your favorite RSS reader. As new recordings become available, your RSS reader will display links to the new recordings for downloading.