ZoomUsing Zoom in Blackboard Using Zoom as a StudentHow to View Recorded Classes Through Blackboard

How to View Recorded Classes Through Blackboard

Sign into Blackboard and navigate to the course where the class session occurred

Click on "Online Synchronous Meetings (Zoom)"

** Please note, some faculty members may choose to rename the Zoom link in their course. If you do not see "Online Synchronous Meetings (Zoom)" please ask your instructor what the link has been named. **

You may also access the Zoom Meeting page, by clicking on "Tools" and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Click on the "Previous Meetings" tab

Click on the "Recording Details" text next to the class session you'd like to watch

Locate the recording you'd like to watch by looking at the date and time stamps for each recording

** Please note, this page may show all previous recordings for this course. If you see multiple recordings on a date and time, you want to find the recording that is on average one and a half hours long. **