BlackboardBlackboard 9: Full Instructor Tutorials Getting StartedHow do I enter edit mode to customize and add information to my course?

How do I enter edit mode to customize and add information to my course?

This lesson covers editing mode for instructors and provides a short over view of some of the controls.

Click the Edit Mode button on the top right corner to the ON position

Note: Toggling the Edit Mode switch to the OFF position allows you to see the student view of the course. You can toggle back and forth at any time. To make any changes, you must have Edit Mode in the ON position.

When the Edit Mode button is on, instructor controls appear next on pages and next to items

Course Menu
1. Arrows allow you to reorder menu items by dragging and dropping. Use the mouse and click and drag on the arrows.
2. Carrots open contextual menus which allow you to rename, hide or show, and delete the link..

Course Items Appearing on Hover Motion
Arrows allow drag and drop reording of items by clicking and dragging the arrows
Carrots open contextual menus which allow for editing as well as a number of other functions.

Content Creation
3. The Build Content Item button allows you to add a variety of content such as documents, folders, images, web links, and even YouTube videos to any course content area
4. Assessments allows you to add tests, surveys, assignments, self and peer assignments, and safe assignments to a course content area
5. Tool sallows you to add Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Groups, Wimba Classroom, iTunes U link, and a Coursecast video link.
6. Partner Content allows you to search for the textbooks you have adopted for your course in order to automatically add the book's description, ISBN and a photo of the cover to a course content area



I can't add any of my courses onto my blackboard. I can only see my SU 101 course I have enroll in on the blackboard. I see all the info I need of SU 101 but I don't see any info of my other courses. Why is that?

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