How do I give feedback on assignments and grade them?

Inline Grading Video Overview

Select the chevron to the right of the assignment submission in need of grading

Select the attempt

On the feedback screen, select and use the annotation tools to give feedback directly on the document

To view more feedback and grading features, select the tiny chevron below the attempt grading area

Add feedback, attach a document, or expand a rubric to use for grading

To attach a document to return to the student, choose the paperclip icon and navigate to the document on your computer

If using a rubric, expand by clicking and select appropriate grades

Enter grade or double check rubric calculations

Click submit


Abdulkareem Ibn Adam

I've been using Blackboard for many years now, but this last year I've seen this problem occuring with all my students assigment submissions - their WORD documets do not show up as open document when it comes to marking them. They are always shown as ""this file is converting" and a download button. It makes life a little harder now when it comes to marking these submissions. Do you have an answer to this predicament?

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