How can I have my archives open automatically?

Wimba Classroom setting will allow you to automatically have your archives be open once they are available.

Part of creating the Wimba Classroom involves establishing your room settings.

In the first step, after entering a title for your room, an optional description, choosing the type of room, you then determine Archive Access.

Click in the box to Automatically Open New Archives

You'll get notification that the room is now open.

Click OK to go see that your room is now open.

This means that once your session is over and your archive has stopped, students can enter the archive without further intervention from you.

The green circle indicates that Access is enabled and students can enter.

If you have not checked the box to automatically open new archives, you will see the screen below when trying to access the archive.

Instead of a green circle, you have an orange circle with a slash.

To open your classroom if it is closed mistakenly simply click on the orange circle itself.

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