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How does Blackboard Ally Improve Course Accessibility?

Alternative Formats and Feedback

Ally automatically generates these “Alternative Formats” for all your course files, and makes them available for download to you and your students. Your original file will not be affected by the alternative formats.

  1. OCREd PDF - Automatically extracted text for improved reading and searching
  2. HTML - For viewing in the browser and on mobile devices
  3. ePub - For reading as an e-book on an iPad  and other e-book readers
  4. Electronic braille - BRF version for consumption on electronic braille displays
  5. Audio - MP3 version for listening

Ally provides you feedback on the accessibility of your course files with the colored dials that appear next to your file names (Red, Orange, Light Green, and Dark Green). These indicators are only visible to you and other instructors with access to your course. Ally checks most file formats, but there may be some files in your course that don’t have an Ally indicator next to them. Remember, Green is the Goal!